Our Outlook

We are dedicated to a few, key ideas about scalable organizations.

* Smarter is better.   Most practical is best.

* Organizations fail in predictable ways, especially from insufficient or inappropriate internal coordination.

* Even when an organization does some things very well, it limits itself by letting members work at cross purposes.

* All disciplines - and nature in general - reveal similar, repeated patterns:  analogous patterns for co-scaling size and agility, with recognizably similar solutions.

* No organization optimally leverages all available options!   They need pragmatic ways to practice becoming continuously more effective.

* Unpredictably changing requirements and currently supposed "best practices" randomly point in diverging directions, leaving persistent Output Gaps.

* There is a better way.  We can help.

1) Group success "follows the quality [& tempo] of distributed decision-making"

2) Groups "generate tempo by decentralizing decisionmaking"

3) Groups decentralize decision-making by distributing resources well enough to explore distributed options.
        (We teach one another, share resources, & give time for study & practice.)

4) Groups continually prioritize decentralized decisions by distributing feedback well enough to continuously re-align all actions with net benefit.

“If you see a group of people digging themselves into a hole,
and offer to help them in some way,
they will always ask you to jump in and help them dig.”
Anonymous, public school teacher