Projects Underway

PILS Group (Promoting & Improving Living Standards through operational briefing of public servants)

ADB Group (Coordinating Adaptive-Design-Build-Operate Practices linking cropland preservation, land & natural resource management, residential design, and resilient food supply planning)

Monetary Operations Forum - (an ongoing forum and yearly meeting on emerging Monetary Operations)

IFTAAR (Inst. for Fiscal & Tax Policy as a Resource,
an ongoing forum on expanding coordination of F&T policy for accelerating economic development)

ITRBS (Institute for Translational Research in Biomedical Science) - (an ongoing forum to accelerate product & service progression through the public health development pipeline)

270Tech Economy Forums (Shepherding Coordination in Local Business Communities)

Comus Regional Foods (Tuning Resilient Food Supplies in all regions)

Foragumes (Expanding Coordination of Livestock & Legumes for forage & soil management)

COSI 'Open' Business & Economics - An ongoing forum accelerating more open approaches to business, market & eco-communty development.

Open Operations Forum - An ongoing forum accelerating improvement of "Operations," in any setting.