A diverse group with broad experience in business, academia, government, and the military.

    Roger Erickson
, Founder and President.  PhD/Physiology. Neurophysiology system research at Humboldt Stiftung, MIT, Yale, and NIMH, plus community, business and market system development.  

    Don Vandergriff, Director of Leadership Development.  Major, US Army (Retired). 24 years in Marines/Army. Military and corporate commander training, identifying leverage points for changing cultures.  

    Steven Hansen, Engineering24 years in city planning/construction and nuclear power plant installation for Bechtel engineering.  Publisher and Co-founder of Econintersect.

    Warren Mosler, Fiscal Policy & Finance ConsultantEconomist, banker, currency trader and entrepreneur. Major shareholder, Enterprise National Bank, Florida. Co-Founder, CFEPS/UMKC, and fellow at U-Newcastle, Australia.


Brad Lewis, PhD/Economics,  Professor Economics at Union College.   Worked at GE from 1969-1975, graduated from the GE Financial Management Program, and lectures on Financial Markets & Economic History.  3 semesters teaching economics in Japan.

Peter Groen (Retired) Worked 30 years for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), in senior IT management positions within VA HQ and in the field. Sponsors and manages COSITech to promote convergence of collaborative, OpenSource & innovative technologies & practices.

Mike Norman, Chief Economist at John Thomas Financial.  International economist and 30 year veteran of Wall Street, specializing in monetary and fiscal policy. Frequent Fox Business Contributor, and host of MikeNormanEconomics.

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