Our Mission and Vision

Mission: "We help organizations become adaptable and agile enough to embrace accelerating chaos in any given context, and shape it to common benefit."

Methodology: Of course we help groups quickly compare emerging situational needs and organizational goals to the practices currently in place.  And yes, we help groups design more effective organization, supervise implementation of more effective systems, closely monitor and continuously fine tune results.  It's HOW we help groups do all those things that leaves them more self-capable, and able to carry on growing and succeeding by themselves.

Our Vision:  All groups can be taught not just to improve, but to continuously accelerate their net rate of improvement - their "adaptive rate."  Survival dictates that, even with the complicating factor of growing numbers, a faster adaptive rate can - and must - be achieved, through group-wide practice of openly shared methods and strategies. What we call "group agility" follows leaner/better/faster methods for on-demand rearrangements of inter-personnel connections, information sharing practices, and group outcomes.  That grouping of skills is worth  precisely defining as  “connectility.” Groups who can't fluidly rearrange inter-personnel interaction patterns - i.e., continuous reorganization - cannot compete with those who can. 

Effective "connectility" follows both methods for supplying key  data to key people at the right time, and open, group-wide practice at optimal  use of those methods.  With initial training and continuous practice at  reprogramming interdependencies, groups can rapidly adapt their culture to  any change in immediate situation or overall context. The result is a resilient,  “Outcomes Based” culture intent on maximizing it's success, regardless of unexpected challenges.

Outcomes based group practice starts with continuously re-exploring "connectility," so that any need for change will be quickly distributed and members will always be comfortable with initiating required changes.  With these practices, outcomes based cultures manage stress by keeping distributed situational awareness (theory)  optimally aligned with constantly changing operations. With group-wide practice, the quality and tempo of distributed decision-making can be systematically improved, to achieve amazing results.

Your your organization must become more agile.  When you are ready to grow, we can help.

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