Studies & Reports:

Selected reports, studies, & white papers examining the qualitative and quantitative benefits of using 'open operations' in both the public & private sectors:

   General system theory
   Marriner S. Eccles and the Federal Reserve Policy, 1934-1951
   Soft Currency Economics 
   Brief History & Timeline of Open Source Software: 1950-2010
   DoD: Open Technology Development Best Practices - 2011
   Monetary structure a systemic cause for financial instability: Remedies from nature
   Distributed Self-regulation in Ecological and Economic Systems
   Accounting framework for ecological systems: Functional taxonomy for connectivity
   Systems approaches and their application
   Deming on "The New Economics"s
   Pew Research Report: Government Online - 2010
   Spirit, blood, and treasure
   U.S. Open Government National Plan - 2011
   America's Army and the revolution in human affairs
   World Bank: Open Source Software - 2004 Report
   Creating Adaptability to Deal With the Changing Face of War

* See related studies on America's Future: 2020-2050

'Open' Data Resources
  • CIA World Fact Book - Providing information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, military, communications, transportation of countries around the world.
  • Data.Gov - Interactive data sets, software apps and other tools made available by the U.S. government.
  • IFC Global Economic Data - An array of global economic data for researchers, policy makers, and others.
  • U.N. Statistical Databases - An Internet-baseddata service bringing UN statistical databases within reach of users around the globe.
  • USASpending.Gov - Established to provides reports to citizens on how the federal government is spending funds.
  • World Bank Open Data & Research - Making available information from World Bank data sets, national statistical systems, and research reports. Download 

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